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why asha?

In a marketplace crowded with consultancies, we stand out with our focus on relationships and transparency. Our commitment to the highest level of customer service, and our industry knowledge stems from decades of industry experience. We believe that the future of business is in client experience. We provide an integrated approach to the business solution, research market, and client’s needs.

Typical issues from our clients
asha & company-asha & company
  • I really want to get experts’ opinions in digital twin markets in the U.S. and Chinese markets. But I don’t know how.

    Mr. M, Professor, A Business professor in a notable US university
  • Many companies operate so under the radar that we don’t know that exists. We need a list of companies in this sector.

    Mr. A, COO, of a leading Japanese food company
  • India is such an unstructured market that it’s almost impossible to get a big picture. Can you help?

    Mr. H, Chief Strategist, a global leader in vehicle manufacturing
  • I would love to know and meet potential partners in Southeast Asia. Can you support?

    Mr. G, Sales Director, a leading U.S. industrial machinery manufacturer

What we offer

We serve clients in the competitive market journey with these capabilities: